Coin Box Concepts By J. Burke Whittaker

The Hands of Magic
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It has been 40 years since a volume on the Okito coin box of this size has been attempted and it was nowhere near this size. Coin Box Concepts is almost 4 hours of material on the use of the coin box but it is not just coin box work; this is full course on coin magic in general.

You will not only learn killer new coin box magic but you will also learn killer coin moves you can add to any coin routine you already perform. This is loaded with new and original sleights, routines, tips, and tricks too. Though the focus is on the Okito coin box you will find more than you could ever need to start creating your own coin box routines.

Coin Box Concepts has become a standard go to volume for every performer wanting to create amazing coin box routines because the ideas are practical and require little or no set, no sitting, or lapping. That makes these real world workers that can be done nearly anywhere.


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Coin Box Concepts By J. Burke Whittaker

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