The $2 Impression Device by J. Burke Whittaker

The Hands of Magic
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In the world of secret information gathering no other mentalism prop has seen more incarnations than the the venerable Clipboard. Used by thousands of performers spanning decades it has proven it value over and over as a reliable method to gain access to a spectators secret thought.

By nature it has one small drawback it really only makes sense in one situation and that is for a seated audience in a theater where access to a table is not possible. This is simply because if you were wanting a spectator to write information down placing paper onto a table and asking them to jot down their thought while your back is turned is more logical.

Now enters the Two Dollar Impression Device which is a reliable way to accomplish the same thing with an ordinary object used to carry your paper and pencils for doing your mind reading. This totally natural object is in and out of play before a spectator even has the ability to suspect a thing.

You will be given all the information you will need to make this incredible device. It will take you less than ten minutes to build and will cost you around two dollars to make in supplies; some of which you probably already have. Then you will follow along with the fully photo illustrated instruction as well as an in depth explanation of the handling.

The extremely subtle handling along with this easy to build prop will make you look as if you are really reading the spectators mind. Just drop this in your pocket and not only will your stuff be organized you will be able to read the information in the most subtle manner and no one will see a thing.

This is without doubt a valuable text to anyone who performs walk around magic or mentalism because of the nature of the prop and its uses. This can be used in any performance situation, close up, platform, stage, street performing, and the list goes on and on. If you do any type of mentalism or mental magic this is certainly information you have to own.

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The $2 Impression Device by J. Burke Whittaker

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